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Unlimited Portfolios

With a Divcaster Premium account you can set up an unlimited number of portfolios. You can have one for your IRA or 401(k), one for your main investing account, one each for various family members, even different ones for different objectives. Your imagination is the only limitation.

Dividend Hunter Integration

If you’re a Dividend Hunter subscriber you’ll be pleased to discover a portfolio comes pre-loaded with stocks from the Dividend Hunter.

Easy Customization

In addition to creating as many portfolios as you want you can duplicate portfolios and update the data on each and every transaction in your portfolio.

Easy Set-up

Adding new stocks is as easy as knowing your ticker, purchase date, quantity, and purchase price. Or, make it easy on yourself and let Divcaster do the work by importing the data from your online brokerage account.

Make Changes to Your Portfolio with Confidence

With the What-If Scenario feature you can test different configurations of your portfolio – add and subtract stocks – to discover how much more you can boost your income. You’ll know precisely how much to expect every month and every quarter with even the smallest change.

Always Know What’s Going On With Your Portfolio

With email notifications you can be alerted anytime something happens with your portfolio. This includes ex-dividend announcements, dividend payment notifications, and more.