1. FAQ


Below are commonly asked questions and their answers.

Do you need a subscription to The Dividend Hunter to use Divcaster?

No, you can use Divcaster without a subscription to The Dividend Hunter. However, if you have a subscription to The Dividend Hunter its portfolio will automatically load for you in Divcaster, in addition to any other porfolios you have set up.

Is Divcaster a part of your Dividend Hunter subscription?

While the two work well together Divcaster is not a part of your Dividend Hunter subscription. You will need to set that up separately.

Is there an app version of Divcaster you can use on your phone?

Currently Divcaster is best experienced in a large screen platform like a tablet, desktop, or laptop. Planned future releases of Divcaster include plans for an app version.

Can you just synchronize Divcaster to your online brokerage account to import your data?

No. For your security Divcaster does not access your online brokerage account.

How many portfolios can you set up?

With a Divcaster Premium account you can set up an unlimited of portfolios.

How often is the underlying data feed for Divcaster updated?

Divcaster data is updated once a day.

Is your data on Divcaster secure?

Yes. Divcaster uses HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) just like banking, brokerage, and e-commerce websites.

Is there a quickstart guide to Divcaster to get up and running quickly?

Yes. You can access it here.

Is there a user manual to Divcaster with complete instructions on all of Divcaster's features and set-up?

Yes. You can access it here.