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How to link your brokerage to Divcaster

We just pushed live a new update that changed the way we integrate Plaid and Divcaster. Plaid is the third-party service you can use to link your brokerage account to Divcaster.

To see what we changed in the new update, watch the video below…

What changed in this update:

  • New Plaid update imports a snapshot of your portfolio on import and then tracks transactions from that day forward. This should fix any outstanding issues you might have with your Plaid portfolios not showing the correct quantity.

Written instructions:

  1. Log on to Divcaster.
  2. Click Switch Portfolio, then create a new portfolio.
  3. Click Link Brokerage.
  4. Click the Connect New Account.
  5. A Plaid popup will show, click Continue.
  6. The most popular brokerages will appear. If yours does not then you should use the Search box in the Plaid popup.
  7. Put your log in credentials for the brokerage you select. These are the user ID and password that you use to log into your brokerage account as Plaid will attempt to connect to it.
  8. Plaid will import your portfolio as it is today and will track going forward. The transaction date will show today’s date. If old portfolio history is important, then a CSV import is better.
  9. A popup will appear with the brokerage you want to import. Many people have just one but some have multiple accounts with the same brokerage. You can select which one you want to import.
  10. The data will take a few seconds to come in. Then the screen will come up with the graphs and you can scroll down for individual transactions. They all show current date because Plaid imports a snapshot.
Updated on May 19, 2021

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