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  1. I would like to join divcaster but I can’t get into it. How do I do that? There is nothing wrong with my card.

  2. I have trued to access your web site and the password does not work.

    1. Hi Dennis, your password for Divcaster will be the same as your password for Investors Alley’s website. I also noticed that your email is not verified. I will get that manually verified for you.

  3. does any one know how to get the The Dividend recommendation portfolio to switch to the current portfolio.
    I have several different divcaster portfolios, and was trying to get the divcaster recommendation for each. I switch to a different divcaster portfolio, then activate the Divcaster Recommendation, but it still sticks to the 1st of my portfolios. That action 1st effort worked, but any further action, is stuck on that first evaluation.

    Help Please

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